As part of the Sprinklr Customer Experience Center (CXC), I’ve attended five national and international events to give platform demos and presentations to event attendees. These events have provided me with experience collaborating with cross-functional teams and developing strategic lead generation through social account based marketing.

Sprinklr’s ASKO event – January 2019

Social Media Week New York – April/May 2019

Social Strategy

During my time at Sprinklr, I’ve helped lead and execute social strategy for the annual World’s Most Influential CMOs Report, built by the marketing teams at Forbes, LinkedIn, and Sprinklr.

Our goal was to take this report and secure digital handshakes (likes, retweets, replies) from the influential marketing executives and/or members of their buying committee to help generate pipeline for our sales team. I collaborated with our creative team to create highly custom assets for CMOs from high priority accounts we were targeting, and templated assets for the remaining ones on the report.

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Along with the creative assets for organic engagements, we replicated the custom pieces for paid campaigns.

Our strategy successfully generated 28 “digital handshakes” from these CMOs on Twitter, and more than 75 new known prospects were gained. Additionally, our engagements helped secure two meetings with high profile executives named to the report.

Influencer Management

As an Experience Manager (XM) in Sprinklr’s CXC, I’ve been assigned to build one-to-one relationships with the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) community on Twitter, an influential community to the sales team because CMOs sit on the buying committee in their organizations.

To do this, I used Sprinklr’s Influencer Management tool to identify top conversations, events, and “influencers to the influencers”. In my research, I discovered that a prominent individual in this space is Nadine Dietz, Chief Community Officer at Adweek and the host of “CMO Moves,” a podcast that interviews executives and top marketing talent. I collaborated with our designers to send custom creative replies to each podcast tweet. As a result, I was able to build a genuine relationship with this influencer and begin gaining more meaningful engagements with CMOs.

Petco CMO Tariq Hassan

Community Management

Social Media Campaigns

The “How We Should Be Working” Campaign generated 4,000 views, reached approximately 17,000 people online and had more than 130 post engagements. There were also 156 link clicks to the “Book a Tour” page on grindspaces.com, resulting in an increase of web traffic by 328 percent.


At INSIDER, I contributed travel, pop culture, science, and design stories for thisisinsider.com and syndicated partners. Byline:

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10 Habits of People Who Are Always on Time – Travel + Leisure
33 stunning photos that will make you fall in love with Earth – Business Insider Australia
13 things you can do with your old mismatched socks – INSIDER
11 things you probably never knew about time zones – MSN

Social Video Distribution

I took initiative by brainstorming with our editors new strategies to increase audience engagement and ways to optimize our videos online across our verticals, which included Design, Food, Travel, Dessert, and Cheese. We came up with specific tactics to spike our views like recycling old and new videos every 20 minutes on our Twitter account and using hidden hashtags on our Instagram video posts. As a result of these efforts, we reached 78 million views on Twitter for the months of June and July (our most viewed months ever), won the “Best Use of Instagram” award from Digiday, reached 7 million likes on Facebook, and increased our YouTube subscribers to 600,000. Here are some examples of video content that quite literally broke the Internet (lookin’ at you exploding burger bun).

Graphic Design

In accordance with my photography skills, I used programs like Canva and Adobe Photoshop to create graphics for social media posts and infographics for marketing materials.

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