10 gadgets that will boost your workplace-productivity

In 2017, Americans worked more hours than a majority of countries––137 more hours per year than the Japanese and 260 more hours per year than in the U.K. With the new year approaching, it begs the question: how can we work smarter not harder? We’ve narrowed down 10 workplace gadgets that can help you stay on task and get sh*t done (stress-free, of course).


Window-Mounted Solar Charger

One thing Grindists love about working at NoMad is the abundance of natural light throughout our space. There’s nothing that sparks creative energy more than bright rays of sunshine beaming through the windows! Take advantage of the sunlight with the Window-Mounted Solar Charger. It’s eco-friendly and will leave you with more deskspace.

Multi Laptop Windows

Working on a big project? Sick of constantly switching tabs? Clip one or two of the Packed Pixels to your laptop screen and manage projects like never before. You can purchase it here: Packed Pixels.

Satechi SX-20 Energy Station

Are you someone who can be found with more than one mobile device in your hands at all times? Luckily the Satechi SX-20 Energy Station was made for people like you! Charge multiple smartphones and tablets at arms-length.


Upright Pro Posture Trainer

A recent study concluded that sitting for too long can kill you, even if you exercise. Prolonged sitting can cause poor posture and with poor posture comes long-term health complications. To make matters worse, some of our jobs require us to sit for a long period of time. Fortunately, the Upright Pro Posture Trainer can help you use that sitting time wisely. It helps you maintain a balanced posture and prevents an aching back. You can purchase this lifesaver on Amazon.

Plus Paper Clinch

The Plus Paper Clinch fastens up to five sheets of paper without using a single staple! It’s sturdy, eco-friendly, paper-shredder safe, and will save you time adding or removing staples from your pages.


As we mentioned earlier, sitting at work is killing us. By the time most of us leave our jobs, we’re either too tired or too stressed to find time to workout. So why not bring the workout to your desk? Studies show making time for physical activity during the workday can help boost your productivity and mental health. If you’re looking to exercise more but don’t want to get behind in your work, slip the DeskCycle under your desk and put the pedal to the metal!


Istick 11 Desk Organizer

OK, we know what you’re thinking: “Not another desk organizer.” Listen up, this one is straight up cool. It has a charging dock for your phone, handy USB ports on the sides, a cup holder, a letter opener, and slots for utensils. You literally won’t have to move during the day since you’ll have everything right in front of you (perhaps a bathroom break or two will be needed though). You can get the Istick 11 on the company’s website.

Wind Up Shredder

Looking to shred some confidential information? Looking for a mid-day workout? The MUJI Handy Shredder helps you do both of those in seconds. Simply insert your paper to the shredder and start rolling. It’s a Japanese product and doesn’t use any electricity (another point for being eco-friendly).

R2-D2 USB vacuum cleaner

As they say, “Tidy desk, tidy mind.” Nothing kills productivity more than a dusty workspace or a crumb-filled keyboard. The R2-D2 USB vacuum cleaner will not only help you keep your work area spick-and-span, it will also put you in the Star Wars spirit!


Fidgi Pen

We all have or have had that one coworker who constantly fidgets with a prop at work. The Fidgi Pen is their gift from the universe! It appears as a normal black ink pen from afar, but once it’s in your grip it doubles as a stress-buster. So if you were lucky enough to land a Mr. or Mrs. “Fidgets A lot” for your office secret santa, we found you the perfect gift.

Did we miss any must-have gadgets? Have one of these products and want to share your feelings about it? Let us know by commenting below!

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