5 ways to tap into your coworking community

When you work out of a co-working space, you become more than a company; you become part of a community.

Community building isn’t just about cocktail parties and workshops; spaces now offer their own social apps, communication tools, and have entire teams dedicated to the co-working network. Recent studies show, 90 percent of those who work in a co-working space have better interactions with other people and feel more confident about themselves.

If you currently work out of Grind NoMad and are wondering how you can take greater advantage of its benefits, this list will help!

Make the rounds at Grind’s weekly happy hour


Traditional office workers might not believe happy hour is the place for talking work, but in a co-working space it’s the perfect opportunity to network with fellow freelancers, startups, and entrepreneurs. Pick the brain of a like-minded professional on a project you’re working on, ask how they like working in a co-working space, or simply talk about the new season of The Crown. The ball is in your court!

Start small talk in the kitchen or the elevator


As they say, the first impression is all that matters. Strike up a friendly conversation with your fellow elevator-rider or in the kitchen while refueling on some delicious Irving Farm coffee. Pretty soon you’ll be able to put names to faces around the space!

Attend member events in the space


You could work at a co-working space and keep to yourself, but you are missing out on a lot by doing that. Ask a Grind employee for an events calendar if you want to get more involved in the community. Grind’s Female Founders meets monthly to discuss female entrepreneurship in a supportive, judgement-free environment. Additionally, some of our members who host events in the cafe usually open the invitation to fellow Grindists by offering discounted tickets and reserved seats.

Make a lunch buddy


Grindists have one thing in common: a love of food. Conveniently located in NoMad, there are some delicious places to eat in the neighborhood. If you’re connected to Grind’s Slack channel, don’t hesitate to invite a fellow community member to lunch. The fastest way to building a friendship is through food. Period.

Leave a note on Grind’s bulletin board


Looking for help on a project? Offering a business service? Looking for members to form a flag football team? Grind’s bulletin board is the place for you!

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