6 overseas coworking spaces that will give you serious wanderlust

Before recently, I didn’t really understand the whole travel phenomenon. I mean, who doesn’t like to travel? However, working in media these past couple of years has broadened my horizons to how unlimited travel really is and what exactly makes it special.

While some travel to simply get away or explore the world, others travel for work and mix business with pleasure. These people are called digital nomads and their numbers are growing every year. In fact, a recent study finds that there will be more than 1 billion digital nomads by the year 2035.

Looking to escape what looks to be yet another brutal winter in the Big Apple? We compiled a list of 6 coworking spaces around that world that will make your jaw drop.

So pack your bags and make sure your passport is up to date because these spaces are sure to make you want to travel.

The Work Project, Hong Kong

If Hong Kong isn’t on your travel bucket list then you need to add it right now. Despite being the most expensive city in the world last year, more and more digital nomads are choosing Asia to set up camp, specifically in Hong Kong.

Member perks: custom-blended tea, a customized music selection, mail handling, daily food selection

Factory Berlin –– Berlin, Germany


It’s hard to believe Berlin, which was divided only 30 years ago, is now a major hub for startups and high-tech. In 2016, Germany’s capital ranked as the number one location for digital nomads. Still not sold? You can’t beat the beer options.

Member perks: Yoga lessons, flexible desks, outdoor patio space

Punspace Nimman –– Chiang Mai, Thailand

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As mentioned previously, Asia is the digital nomad capital of the world. But more specifically, most nomads prefer Thailand above all else. It’s a country filled with culture, scenic landscapes, and plenty of adventure.

Member perks: Free refreshments, 24/7 access, personal air conditioner for private offices

Habita –– Istanbul, Turkey

It’s known as the city that connects Europe and Asia, but it’s also one of the top 25 cities for digital nomads, coming in second to Berlin. From ancient mosques to high-end hotels, Istanbul is the best of both worlds.

Member perks: Free refreshments, bar, security, 24/7 access

Workplace One –– Toronto, Canada

Okay okay, you want to travel but you don’t exactly have the budget for it. Look no further than the Great White North. Toronto is only about an hour and a half flight away from New York and English is the primary language, so there isn’t much of a barrier to overcome. Plus, coworking spaces like Workplace One offer incredible networking opportunities that will make you feel right at home.

Member perks: Free refreshments, kitchenette, security, 24/7 access, mailing address

Duke Studios –– Leeds, England

Located two hours outside of London, Leeds is a popular destination for digital nomads in England. Coworking spaces like Duke Studios offer a bright, colorful, and warm set up.

Member perks: Free refreshments, kitchenette, storage

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