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My name is Mike Iadevaia and I am an experienced social media strategist currently based in the New York Metropolitan Area.



Who I Am

A proud Hofstra University alum (roar Pride!). A team player, an independent self-starter, an out-of-the-box creative thinker, and quidditch player on the weekends. I am a confident and driven person who believes deeply that if it ain’t broken, make it better anyway. 

What I Do

I am an experienced social media marketing professional with more than four years of experience. For the past year, I have been a Social Media Experience Manager in Sprinklr’s Customer Experience Center, a partnership with JeffreyM Consulting. There, I have worked closely with our team lead to execute social media strategy surrounding building up a B2B sales pipeline using social channels. Additionally, I’ve planned and executed social strategy around campaigns like the annual Forbes World’s Most Influential CMOs report, and helped support marketing technology events on-site like SXSW and Intel Capital Global Summit. Along with my B2B experience, I’ve developed strong social media skills from my time at Business Insider. As a social publisher for INSIDER, I built a posting schedule for our pages that helped the digital publication surpass 1 billion video views. In my spare time, I take my professional social media skills with me to my volunteer work. Since 2014, I have been the Social Media Coordinator for Major League Quidditch, a sport inspired by the Harry Potter film and book series. I’ve used this experience to test out new strategies, while implementing my best practices. As a result, our brand surpasses Major League Lacrosse weekly in terms of total engagements. For my next role, I’d like to stay in the technology sector where I can utilize my social marketing skills and continue to grow and meet new challenges.

Where I Want To Be

I’m a born and raised New Yorker. As far as I’m concerned, there’s only two things that matter: Long Island bagels and Billy Joel. However, while the Big Apple has helped shape my life, I’m open to opportunities on the West Coast, specifically the San Francisco Bay Area. My ideal career path is one that accepts my love of storytelling using technology to create better experiences for all.

Want to pick my brain on a project? Looking to get in touch with me? Send me a message through my Connect page or check out my resume to learn more.

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