Relevant Coursework

Task: Construct a video PSA for a client highlighting a particular issue or newsworthy event.

(Warning: graphic material follows)

Grade: A

This PSA brings attention to the annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China––a festival that occurs during the summer solstice and involves the slaughter and consumption of canines. With media captured during my experience at North Shore Animal League America, I used video making software like iMovie to create the project. The video is somber, but sheds a much needed light on a festival that is generating intense scrutiny from the world community.

Task: Final Project––create a call to action (CTA) campaign for a Hofstra University organization or upcoming event. 

Grade: A

For this project, my group members and myself chose to feature the 80th anniversary of Hofstra University’s opening. To give it a creative spin, we channeled Billy Eichner of Funny or Die by approaching students at random campus locations and asking them their true feelings about Hofstra, giving them little time to prepare. The call to action was for students to Tweet their favorite Hofstra memory using the hashtag #80YearsOfHofstra and be entered in to win a gift card.

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