The do’s and don’ts of social media

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A 2014 study from Linkedin found that approximately 81 percent of small and medium sized businesses use social media. Navigating through all that clutter might sound difficult to do at first, but with the right tools and tricks to remember, anything is possible! Here’s a few things to keep in mind if you’re a social media manager or content creator.


Use hashtags


Instantly increase the reach of your content by using a hashtag. Have a new blog up? Use the #FridayReads hashtag. Want to brag about your recent vacation? Use #TravelTuesday. Some of the most popular hashtags are used millions of times online, but be cautious about that. Recent studies have concluded that using an excess amount of hashtags actually bring down your engagement. So cut yourself off at two and make sure they’re good!

Get out of your brand’s bubble


Fun fact––social media is meant to be social. Interact online with your followers, customers, workers, clients and competitors instead of just dishing out content. For best results, follow the 80/20 rule––use 20 percent of your content to drive your brand and 80 percent of your content to engage with your audience and increase conversation. Focus using social media as a tool to build and empower relationships, instead of talking about yourself 140 characters at a time.

Know your audience


What are the age groups that make up your followers? Where do most of them live? What are the peak and pit times for fan engagement? These are all questions you can answer by clicking on the Insights tab of your brand’s Facebook page, or by checking out the analytics section of your CMS. Knowing the ins and outs of the people who follow you will go a long way in building a strong presence and popularity online.


Be boring 

The Odyssey Online

It’s best to remember that your followers aren’t only following you because they’re familiar with your product or service, they’re following you because their loyal to your brand. Be quirky and fun online. Use filters on your photos and GIFs in your blog posts. Humor is the most effective way to increase engagements so strike a conversational tone online. Additionally, make sure your social media content is cognizant of the world around you but do your best to make sure you’re not ignorant or offensive just to come off as relevant. A recent example of that would be one San Antonio mattress company, which created a video advertising their “Twin Tower” sale to mark the 15-year anniversary of the September 11th attacks. The online response went as well as you’d expect.



We get it––you have some great content––but spread it out! Unless you’re the President of the United States or have exclusive information about Bigfoot’s whereabouts, you can’t possibly have that much to say. Optimize your content by figuring out what times it performs best––also found on Facebook’s Insights tab––and schedule your posts around them. Remember that some social networks have an algorithm––including Facebook and Linkedin––so sharing all your wonderful content right on top of each other could actually hurt your engagement, not help. Also, it’s annoying. So stop.

Ignore or delete negative comments


We see it online everyday––Johnny Rain Clouds and Debbie Downers angry at the world who displace their anger to a company’s social media accounts. Some are unreasonable; but most are looking to be heard and want a solution. What’s the best way to deal with these people? There’s no 100 percent right answer, but one thing’s for sure––do not attack back. Responding to negative feedback with negativity says a lot more about you than it does about the angry individual(s). Solution: take the conversation elsewhere, perhaps in a private message or email. If the problem is fixable, respond directly to them and keep a very respectful tone, even if they begin to use choice words. Resolving the issue publicly shows the person you heard them and shows others you take feedback seriously. 

Have any social tips not listed here? Sound off in the comments below!


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