Five SoCal Bike Trails You Must Visit This Weekend

Photo by SD Dirk

From the cliffs of La Jolla, to the sparkling sand in Santa Monica, to the golden hills of the Santa Ana Mountains-Southern California is filled with breathtaking sights. Riding a bike on these trails is not only enjoyable, it’s also good for you! According to Discovery News, riding a bike has been proven to help keep the heart healthy and has been linked to improving mental health. Grab a bike, grab a companion and check out the following places for your viewing pleasure.

The South Bay Bicycle Trail (Santa Monica, CA)

Joelle Leder

This 22-mile concrete path is one of the longest bike trails in the world. It runs from Will Rogers State Beach all the way to Torrance County Beach and offers a never-ending view of the Pacific Ocean.

The Santa Ana River Trail (Orange County, CA)

1024px-santa_ana_river_and_pathWikipedia Commons

Situated in Orange County, this trail consists of three levels–upper, middle and lower. The lower trail rides along the river. The middle trail is the more urbanized trail and the upper trail treks through the Santa Ana Mountains. Additionally, this trail attracts many different types of people–including cyclists, pedestrians and equestrians.

Sullivan Canyon Bike Trail (Los Angeles, CA)

Dustin Snipes

This 8.5 mile trail runs North and South in the Santa Monica Mountains. This versatile trail offers sights of dynamic Los Angeles and breathtaking mountainous views of the entire region.

Malibu Creek Park (Malibu, CA)

599447Summit Post

Home to some of the world’s biggest celebrities, Malibu has much more to offer than celebrity sightings and multi-million dollar beachfront homes. Malibu Creek Park includes novice, intermediate and advanced bike trails. These trails pass through the mountains of Malibu with scenic views of Calabasas. Furthermore, this historical trail has been the filming location for many iconic Hollywood programs including M*A*S*H.

Mission Bay Bike Path (San Diego, CA)

16698011617_a944d90dc0_kKeoni Cabral / Flickr

This 19 mile trail circles the spirited city of San Diego, cutting through popular tourists areas-including Mission Bay and Sea World. Hop on a bike and take in views of tall palm trees lining the sparkling San Diego Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

When taking a trail always remember to pack accordingly. Some essentials to bring are water, comfortable clothing, a fully charged cell phone and sneakers.Southern California has plenty of trails to discover! Call us at (310) 678-9101 for price options and our recommendations. Happy biking!


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